Finnleo Saunas

European design and innovation

Finnleo Saunas

European design and innovation

Finnleo Saunas at Northwest Hot Springs

Life’s Warmest Pleasures

Northwest Hot Springs is proud to bring you another way to achieve rest, relaxation, and good health. We feature Finnleo Saunas, the world’s largest and oldest sauna manufacturer, based in Wyborg, Finland since 1919.

Finnleo Saunas meet our strict criteria: legendary service, and high quality products that will give you years of trouble free enjoyment!



A few minutes of gentle sauna heat daily improves your physical health and overall sense of well-being. It's a simple and effective way to ensure you're always performing at your very best.

About Finnleo

Finnleo® is the market leader and has the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas. From entry level portable saunas, to deluxe custom saunas with custom lighting, custom benching and multiple wood choices and styles, Finnleo® has a sauna for every taste and budget. Finnleo® is Saunatec / TyloHelo World Group®, which has a history dating back to 1919, when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland. Our parent company produces more sauna heaters worldwide than any other company–bar none.

Today, TyloHelo World Group® has the largest and most advanced sauna heater and sauna room manufacturing plants in the world. In addition, we have the most extensive research and development program of any sauna manufacturer — to provide you with products that are innovative, yet true to the ancient traditions of sauna and steam bathing.

Our North American manufacturing plant is located in Cokato, Minnesota, near Minneapolis and St. Paul. All Designer, Sisu, Outdoor, Patio and Custom cut sauna rooms are proudly manufactured in the USA