Northwest Hot Springs Review

The Best Investment we have made

We live in south east Alaska we were in the market for a hot tub and we contacted NW HOT SPRINGS IN FERNDALE WA. We talked to Dan he took the time to answer all our questions in choosing the right one. he delivered it to Seattle to be shipped to Alaska on the next barge to prince of whales island. it showed up perfect. during the shipping time he followed up with help prepping the deck, electrical and water test so we will be ready when it arrived. We are very happy with the friendly helpful service from every one we talked to there. no wonder he has been in business for 30 years. We love the hot tub my wife was in a car accident 9 years ago, this is the first thing that has helped. we bought beds, inversion tables, pillows, massage pads physical therapy, you name it. This is the best investment we have made for her pain management and I like it too. thank you NW HOT SPRINGS.

Hot Spring Spa Owner & Northwest Hot Springs Customer - Alaska