Northwest Hot Springs Review

We’re fans

We had a problem with the spa, a leaking lamp assembly.  Because the plastic window was no longer made NW Hot Springs had to adapt another type, and the new one needed three trips to get it right.  So why five stars?  The place made them, promptly and with concern about getting it right.  Third time was a charm, the old spa is back in service. And they rushed it knowing we had family visiting and people who wanted to use the spa.  I also had a leaking valve at the bottom, not urgent but I called and asked if they could bring one since they were coming anyway and I’d try replacing it myself.  They did, and the repair tech popped it in for me at no charge.  Northwest came through when there was a problem, quickly and repeatedly, and made it right with no extra charges.  We’re fans.

Northwest Hot Springs Service Customer - Stanwood, WA