Hot Spring Spas Adds Two New Models to the Highlife Collection NXT

Meet the new Highlife NXT Collection models: Aria® NXT and Vanguard® NXT models add popular, medium-size options to the collection. These additions will appeal to shoppers who want a midsize spa that makes a unique design statement. Like the Highlife Collection models, the Aria NXT has 35 jets and seats five, including a lounge. The Vanguard NXT has 38 jets and seats six, with no lounge. These two new models offer all of the features that make the NXT line distinct, and they are available in all current NXT shell and cabinet colors.
The New Highlife NXT Collectino Vanguard SpaThe New Highlife NXT Collectino Aria Spa

Under-cabinet accent lighting

Another great feature being added to the Highlife NXT Collection line is more accent lighting. A real glow-getter. Unique exterior lighting adds drama to the NXT line and enhances the elegant design features of the spa. We’ve taken the stunning visual impact to the next level with programmable under-cabinet accent lighting. It illuminates the base with two points of light on each side that cast a soft glow beneath the cabinet. The Luminesence® multi-zone lighting system allows owners to choose one color or select a loop that cycles through all six colors. The flexibility allows users to adjust the mood from a subtle glow to a show-stopping display of light.

The new 2017 Highlife NXT Collection Spa

Highlife NXT Collection Availability

All 2017 Highlife Collection NXT models will be available starting January 2017. While you cannot order the Aria NXT or the Vanguard NXT until January 2017, visit our current NXT Collection at

More About the Highlife NXT Collection

The Highlife Collection NXT models feature beautifully sculpted shells and rich, wood-grain finish of Everwood® HD siding. NXT spas also include exclusive value-added features, like 100% no-bypass filtration and a one-of-a-kind EnergySmart® system that keeps operating costs to a minimum. Exclusive features include wireless remote control, the Moto-Massage DX, exceptional filtration system and energy efficient design. Click the link to learn more about the NXT Collection

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